Send Taylor to Dance!!!


My miracle has become a ballerina! Taylor is my twelve year old daughter who did not breath on her own for the first fifteen minutes of her life. The doctors were not very confident that this lack of oxygen would not affect her brain. However, the neurology tests confirmed that my beautiful baby would be absolutely fine, and she is perfect (too me)! She began dancing when she was four, and she has a natural talent as well as a drive to become a professional. With the loss of my full-time job and the normal bills of raising a family of four, it has been difficult to fund Taylor’s dance classes, so I’ve created a GoFundMe account where people can donate money to help her. Please check it out! And, we appreciate any donations!

About Julie Still-Rolin, M.A.

Experiences in a legal office, a small southern university, teaching high school and college, raising kids, painting, loving, traveling, and changing have all led me to write. I've always been passionate about helping others find their voices, but I had trouble finding my own. I feel like I finally have, and I'm ready to share.

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