Preparing for an Interview!!!!!!!!


So, I finally got a call back for one of the twenty (no lie, I’ve counted) applications I’ve sent or taken. It is a Social Media/PC Specialist position at the community college I’m currently working at. Basically, the position requires knowledge of site management, which I have, but I want to be fully prepared. I found an excellent website “openbookproject” that offers information about computers. As I am always thirsting for knowledge, I will be completing this program that the site offers starting with today’s lesson: define Internet and SAGE (Semi-Automatic Ground Environment). Since this is just for my knowledge, I’m using Wikipedia (yes, I do that). I think Wikipedia is a very helpful resource although most of my colleagues disagree.

Internet-global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to serve billions of users worldwide. It is a network of networks that are linked by a broad array of electronic information resources and services.

Semi-Automatic Ground Environment (SAGE)-Cold War operator environment created for the automated air defense of North America, and, by extension, the name of the associated network of radars, computer systems, and aircraft command and control equipment (SAGE defense system) to replace the U.S. Air Force “manual air defense system”.





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Experiences in a legal office, a small southern university, teaching high school and college, raising kids, painting, loving, traveling, and changing have all led me to write. I've always been passionate about helping others find their voices, but I had trouble finding my own. I feel like I finally have, and I'm ready to share.

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