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When I came out, I lost a lot. Over half of my family disowned me, which is such a strange phrase, but that’s another day. I lost my full-time job as a college English instructor. However, I did not want to focus on what was lost. WHAT IS IMPORTANT IS WHAT WE HAVE and WHAT WE CAN DO. We cannot do anything about other people’s actions, but we can choose to act.

I choose to use my talents as an English major to help people tell their stories. I choose to use my talents as an artist and creator to create fun, safe, and memorable events. These choices have led me to found Evolve ‘n Thrive Events, an event hosting organization that brings fun and safe events to the Southeast that aim at bringing the LGBTQ+ community together. I also founded Picture It Events, an event planning service with strengths in customization and attention to details. 

Here, you’ll find

  • How-To’s for Decorations and Gifts as well as Party Planning
  • Details about Event Planning and Entrepreneurship
  • Tools for Party Planning on a Budget
  • My Favorite Products

Here’s a must-read post if you’re considering throwing a party or hosting an event:

You can also check out my website if you’d like. There you’ll find some of my products and more information about services that I offer:

I truly appreciate your support! We are all in this together, after all. If you have any questions, feel free to comment on my posts, or go to my contact on my website. 


Julie Still-Rolin